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 Black Lion Company

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PostSubject: Black Lion Company   Sat Aug 16, 2008 8:27 am

The Black Lion Company finds its origins between the corrupted nobility of Zingara, where rising to power is as common as fast as falling in disgrace. Disgrace was exactly the reason why Lord Laertes Karite, a middle aged Zingaran noble who used to be a general, found himself forced leave the court to avoid a duel against a much younger count that would have probably killed him.

Using his connections with a family of loan sharks Lord Laertes entered the dangerous Zingaran underground. Zingara is an extremely cosmopolitan country, noble, but yet corrupted to its very bone, making for the perfect haven for every kind of cutthroat, criminal, exile and thief, even for many veteran soldiers in search of fame and fortune, or simply seeking to escape their past.

In this fertile environment Lord Laertes used his remaining riches to rally the best and most ferocious men he could find: alongside many criminals, archers from the Bossonian borders and from Shem, deposed knights from Poitain, rugged infantrymen from Nemedia, skilled tacticians from Aquilonia, bloodthirsty barbarians from the north, assassins and even a few sorcerers from Stygia.

This often morally questionable crowd was rallied under the flag of the black lion on a golden field that used to be Lord Laertes' family crest.

Initially the Company, counting around seventy men and women, struggled to find good jobs, especially due to the varied nature of its ranks. Soon, though, the same variety began to bear fruits, making for a reliable and versatile elite force able to strike fast and unexpectedly, rising fast in ranks, riches and fame.

A few years passed, and Laertes took a young Stygian assassin, Phara, as his protégée. She rose fast through the ranks of the company due to her exceptional cunning and even thanks to some skilful manipulation, until everyone accepted her as the rightful heir to their commander.

Shortly afterwards, Lord Laertes mysteriously died during a victory banquet on the Shemite border and Phara took up command of the company. A few of the mercenary dared to defy her right, accusing her to have poisoned Laertes, but Phara bloodily crushed any dissent until her grasp on leadership was as solid as a rock.

After all, her skills as a commander were unmatched, and her ability in using the skills of every member of the Company to the best effect increased the Black Lions' glory even further. Soon the mercenaries under her command began to respect her as their leader, and all voices of dissent quickly disappeared.

At the moment, the company is employed by a Stygian noble house to guard the borders to Kush, and is stationed in a growing camp in the middle of the Purple Lotus Swamp. In this no man’s land the company often gets involved in skirmishes against the Kushite border patrols and the native savages, whose activities and numbers have dramatically dwindled.

As one of the most renowned mercenary regiments in the south of Hyboria, the Black Lion Company generated a vast number of rumours. In addition to those about Phara poisoning Lord Laertes to steal his leadership, some hint to the possibility that the company is working for the Kingdom of Aquilonia as well, with the mission of keeping an eye on the activities of Thoth-Amon.

Despite this rumour being definitely debatable, many caravans full of goods headed to Keshatta recently disappeared in the swamp.

Some go as far as thinking that Aquilonia's Black Dragons actually infiltrated the Company with their spies to keep their actions under surveillance, but such rumours are normally dismissed with an hearty laugh.

OOC Info:

Raid Focus Guild - Higher Level Content - Friendly Environment

Recruiting: YES, We have many active higher level players and seek more for our family

Guild City: Lotus Swamp - Tier 2

Ventrilo for Raid Events

Guild Mistress:

Guild Officers:

Guild Information:
Our guild recently formed with a core group of regular players who raid together, to date we have killed Vistrix and Kylikki & Yakmar for the first time on Hyrkania with help from our allies. We have completed Black Ring Citadel Wing 1 by killing it's three bosses: The Gargoyle Master, Yarekma The Soul Eater and Sabazious the Insane. Ahazu Zagam, first boss of Black Ring Citadel Wing 2 faced it's death at 6th of Oct 2008.

If you would like to join us in our attempt to reach the very highest endgame content. We also engage in Pvp and Rp events. Want to play with others that do not vanish the moment they reach level 80? Please contact one of our officers.

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Black Lion Company
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